A Healthy Dose
A Healthy Dose

I talk to people all day long. Every day. Without exception. By Friday afternoon, I want to withdraw from the world of Oxeon and talk to no one other than my wife and three kids. That withdrawal slowly lifts over the weekend and by Sunday night, I’m ready to start talking to people again.

What is interesting, coming from the guy who turns anti-social all weekend, is that from Monday through Friday, I don’t resent my work at all. I love all the conversations and find the people – and their perspective – beyond fascinating. In many (but not ALL!) of these conversations, I find myself learning, growing and being exposed to things I had never thought about. I truly enjoy hearing people’s stories.

Through these conversations, I’ve learned that it’s not your average executive who wants to try to tackle healthcare. These people have something special. They bring a unique look on life and a commitment to do something bigger than themselves. Again, not ALL of them. But most of them share something that is very, very different – and worth listening to.

I feel so fortunate to be having these conversations and really just wanted to share what I experience all day. As such, I decided to collaborate to start “A Healthy Dose,” the podcast series we have launched with my good friend Steve Kraus, healthcare partner at Bessemer Ventures. A Healthy Dose will share the people, the experiences, and the insights that Steve and I are exposed to on such a regular basis.

A Healthy Dose Podcast

A podcast from Steve Kraus, Healthcare Partner at Bessemer Venture Partners and Trevor Price, Founder and CEO of Oxeon Partners


Healthcare Consumers

Emily Lamont, Director, Oxeon Holdings and Srishti Mirchandani, Director, Oxeon Ventures

Healthcare Uncertainty

Policy direction and fiscal pressure are going to accelerate demand for healthcare consumer tools. Whereas patients receive care, consumers make choices. Try as we may to act like consumers, the healthcare system makes this incredibly difficult. Whether we're ready or not, the Trump administration is about to make us all healthcare consumers FAST.

We have made strides to augment healthcare choice, increase transparency, engage patients, and collect individual health information. The past decade of legislative history has laid the foundation for a revolution in how we deliver and consume healthcare, paving the way for healthcare consumerism. Healthcare reforms led by the Obama Administration have spurred unstoppable momentum to construct the infrastructure necessary for informed choice. While the ACA has been the catalyst, even its repeal will not stop the drive forward to healthcare consumerism. If anything, the intended GOP policies may be an accelerant for consumerism on top of the momentum Obama helped put in place. With healthcare costs continuing to rise and more cost responsibility shifting to the individual, patient demand for information and tools may reach a tipping point.




Mike Tarwacki has been placed as Senior Vice President of Sales at ABILITY Network


Cathy Shea has been placed as Vice President of Sales at CareCentrix


Joy Powell has been placed as Chief Operating Officer at CareSync


Mike Hofmeister has been placed as Senior Vice President of Sales at CareSync


Scott Paddock has been placed as Executive Vice President, Chief Revenue Officer and GM at COTA

Crossover Health

Josh Trent has been placed as Chief Revenue Officer at Crossover Health


Eamonn Hobbs has been placed as Chief Executive Officer at Digital Cognition Technologies


Kris Karson has been placed as Vice President of Corporate Development at Decision Resources Group


Tim Smith has been placed as Head of Business Development at GoHealth Urgent Care

Indiana University Health

Jerry Bradford has been placed as Chief Financial Officer, Health Plans at Indiana University Health

Orion Health

Rodd Padden has been placed as Head of Client Operations at Orion Health


Scott Hutton has been placed as General Manager at Spectranetics


Oxeon Partners has placed the Chief Financial Officer at Verscend Technologies


Number of meetings Oxeon Partners conducted at
the JPM Healthcare Conference 2017

Giving Back

Olivia Akin, Senior Associate, Oxeon Partners and Margaret Rollins, Associate, Oxeon Partners

Giving Back and Gaining Perspective

Spirit of Generosity is an Oxeon core value. At least once a month, team members work with organizations like New York Common Pantry, University Settlement, Friends of the Hudson River Park and other local non-profit human service organizations. But most days, we practice this value by living vicariously through our clients – Health IT and Services organizations committed to improving community and population health. (Really! It's not just jargon.) Nonetheless, we all crave the opportunity to give back and get involved in a more tangible way. To meet the people we are helping. To hear their stories. To gain perspective.

This past October, eleven Oxoenites – across business lines, offices, and levels of seniority – embarked on Oxeon's inaugural international corporate volunteer trip. We traveled to Antigua, Guatemala, where we spent a week partnering with a local social enterprise, Maximo Nivel, to support their ongoing medical campaigns.

Not unlike the US healthcare system, the healthcare system in Guatemala is shaped by a mix of political, economic, and social factors. The Peace Accords of 1996, which ended Guatemala’s 36-year Civil War, outlined a vision for universal health care. The Accords focused on increasing access and quality of care – particularly preventive health care – to the rural and indigenous populations. At the time, 46% of the population, primarily indigenous communities, had no access to health services. The following year, the government created a new framework to expand access to care, the Programa de Extension, which essentially outsourced healthcare services to non-profits, NGOs, and faith-based organizations. By 1999, these organizations were providing basic primary care to 3.5M people or about 32% of the population, largely in indigenous communities. (Source: USAID)



Oxeon is pleased to announce our newest clients and investments
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Oxeon's senior leadership celebrates during our fourth annual JPM party


Jia Jia Ye, Chief Operating Officer, recently joined Oxeon Holdings’ executive leadership team


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